Meet Marianne Stamm

Instead of retiring from grain farming in Alberta, Canada and Switzerland, my husband, Robert, and I go to Zambia each year for about three months to work with small farmers. We have a heart to help African small scale farmers improve their farming technology to gain food security and provide for their families while sustaining the land. We believe and teach that Conservation Farming methods are one of the best ways to achieve this, especially as taught by Foundations of Farming. (

It is a well known fact in development circles that women are the most likely to profit from help given. I experienced this myself and so I take a special interest in working with women to educate and empower them to grow as women, mothers, and members of the community.

Besides being a farmer, I am a freelance writer for several large farm newspapers in Canada, Switzerland and Zambia. I have a special interest in herbal medicine for Africans, as good medical care is often far away and expensive.

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  1. Daniel Stamm says:

    Cool, my Mom’s Website, interesting, She’s moving up the ladder now, to corporate districting outreach services writting articles

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